AVMW91 | Heavy Duty Floor-to-Wall PowaLift

The AVMW91 Avecta Style Floor-to-Wall PowaLift is a highly efficient and space-saving solution for interactive displays. Operated by wireless remote or manual switching, the PowaLift range enables screens to be raised or lowered smoothly through 700mm stopping safely at any point. These units serve many important needs, particularly in the field of education, enabling young children or wheel chair users to interact with touch screens. Height control also makes it easy to move units from one location to another through doorways.

  • Comes complete with universal screen mount, hand-held remote plus manual switching and 4-way power socket as standard.
  • Well proven technology.
  • Quality, long life components.
  • Caters for screens from 33 - 110”.
  • Laptop platform arms available.
  • Video conference accessories available, see below.

This solution is suitable for a maximum weight capacity of 150kg and covers VESA's 300x300 to 1000x600mm. Please check ‘SPECS’ below for more details.

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AVMW91 | Heavy Duty Floor-to-Wall PowaLift







  • Designed for Large Screens
    This model supports larger screens, ranging from 71 to 110 inches, making it suitable for spacious areas where large displays are needed.
  • Compact and Slim Profile
    The floor-to-wall design is both compact and slim, offering an unobtrusive presence while maintaining the functionality of the PowaLift system.
  • Smooth Operation
    The PowaLift technology ensures a safe and smooth height adjustment. With a range of 700mm, it can accommodate various user heights and preferences.
  • Quality Construction
    Built with well-proven technology and long-life components, the AVMW91 is designed for durability and reliability.
  • Safety Standards
    Fully CE Approved and DDA Compliant, ensuring safe operation in any environment.
  • Load Capacity and Dimensions
    It has a load capacity of 150 kg, with dimensions of 1800mm (height), 760mm (width), and 185mm (depth), offering a robust and stable platform for large screens.
  • Multiple Control Options
    Comes with a hand-held remote, manual switch, and a 4-way power socket as standard. It can also be controlled directly from a laptop for added convenience.
  • Installation Options
    The PowaLift range offers mutliple installation options including floor-to-wall, bolt down, freestanding trolley and static base versions.
  • Standard & Heavy Duty Version
    AVMT71 & AVMW71 cater up to 70" whilst the AVMW9, RHPL100-HD, RHPLFW, AXT15TPL & NST2PL cater up to 110" screens.
Fully Bespoke

Our PowaLift Stand & Trolley Solution can be completely customised to suit your requirements. The Special Projects Design department are able to produce conceptual and production versions for many varied applications.

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AVMW91 | Heavy Duty Floor-to-Wall PowaLift

Screen Size: 71" - 110"
Vesa Size: 300x300 - 1000x600
Max Weight Capacity: 150kg
Height: 1800mm
Width: 760mm
Depth: 150mm
Weight: 90.00kg