ScreenRail Range | MD2U / MD9U


Please carefully inspect the product before assembling. If you notice any apparent damage, call your carrier claims agent and do not continue the installation until it has been reviewed. Please watch for pinch points. Do not put your fingers between moveable parts. Do not tamper with or disassemble any spring loaded parts. Before installing, make sure that the supporting surface will support five times the combined load of the solution and the hardware. Never exceed the maximum load capacity. Please also layout all components to ensure that you have all of the required parts before proceeding (see BOM list on following page). Use of this product for anything other than its specified use may result in failure or personal injury. This product is intended for indoor use only.

We recommend using a qualified trades person for installation. Use an assistant or lifting equipment to lift and position products. For support, please call: +44 (0)1865 767676.

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