Projectors come in many sizes and are used across all markets, from small models for education to giant models to bring buildings to life. There are a number of ways to mount projectors - ceiling mounted in a cradle or inverted, in portrait or arranged so that the lens focuses on the floor. Projectors can be mounted with one on top of another or arranged for 3D projection. In some environments, projectors need to be secured by placing them in an anti-theft enclosure.

For projectors of 12kg and below there is the universal version of the Gyrolock Projector Mount system, with standard, compact and long styles in the range. Truss clamp and versions that attach to the Unicol column system are also available. For projectors of 20kg, there is the Gyrolock range with Trilok Docking System and a range of similar styles as the universal range.

The PSU system introduced by Unicol over 30 years ago is still the most popular system to mount a projector. Either inverted and direct fixed or cradle mounted this versatile system is custom made for each projector and can cope with the most demanding installation requirements including special multi-projector mount installations.

Gyrolock Projector Mounts

Installer Friendly.
Projector fits directly to universal or dedicated mounting plate.
Full tilt and turn adjustment.
Suitable for maximum weight of 20kg.
Range of choices; telescopic, close ceiling, extended etc.
Trilock or Universal attachment system.
Available in Sinterflex Black or White as standard.

Guardbox Projector Security Cages

Constructed from heavy gauge steel and incorporating many innovative features.
Five sizes are available covering a wide range of projectors.
Incorporates unique twin bar system, designed to fit into a number of slots for different lens positions.
Each bar has another fitted inside making it virtually impossible to hacksaw through.
Additional security via taglock available.
Available in Diamond Silver or Sinterflex Black as standard.