KTC | Obelisk Digital Signage Kiosks & Totems

Discover the UNICOL KTC Obelisk series, where innovation meets adaptability. These highly customisable digital signage kiosks and totems are designed to revolutionise the way information and advertisements are displayed in a variety of indoor settings. Featuring UNICOL's signature chrome columns, these kiosks and totems provide an unparalleled platform for engaging and interactive content.

  • Typically suitable for single or back-to-back 30 - 79" screens with larger versions available.
  • Tailored to your choice of screen make and model.
  • Rapid turnaround.
  • Freestanding, bolt-down and floor-to-ceiling configurations available in either kiosk (open lower section) or totem (enclosed lower section).
  • Space for players, PC's, video conference cameras and more.
  • Polycarbonate protective screen options
  • Sinterflex Black as standard with custom colour finishes and corporate branding available at extra cost.
This solution is suitable for a maximum weight capacity of 60kg and is dedicated to each screen make and model. To order this solution, please fill out the ‘Custom Solutions’ form below, email [email protected] or call 01865 767676.

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KTC | Obelisk Digital Signage Kiosks & Totems



Elegant and Efficient Design
Utilising our signature columns allows for a simple installation whilst also allowing for maximum adaptability.

Comprehensive Cable Management
Ensure a neat and professional appearance by routing cables through the columns.

Broad Screen Compatibility
Accommodates various screen sizes from 30 to 79 inches, ensuring a perfect match for different digital display requirements.

Functional Integration
Designed with ample space for integrating media players, PCs, and other devices, seamlessly blending technology with design.

Transparent Pricing
For detailed pricing information on different model variants, refer to our brochure or contact us directly. Prices are exclusive of VAT.

Customisation at Its Best
Opportunities to incorporate branding, display cabinets, analytic cameras, multi-screens, and more.

Personalisation Options
Available in Sinterflex Black as standard, but can be sprayed to your specific brand guidelines!

Flexible Installation Options
Available in freestanding, bolt down, or floor-to-ceiling.

Fully Bespoke

Our Edgeline Digital Signage System can be completely customised to suit your requirements. The Special Projects Design department are able to produce conceptual and production versions for many varied applications.

Please contact [email protected] to discuss.


KTC | Obelisk Digital Signage Kiosks & Totems

Screen Size: 30" - 79"
Vesa Size: n/a - n/a
Max Weight Capacity: 60kg
Height: dedicated mm
Width: dedicated mm
Depth: dedicated mm
Weight: 0.00kg


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