AVHBD | Avecta Hi Level Bolt Down Stand

The AVHBD Avecta Hi-Level Bolt Down Stand is an ideal solution for high-visibility displays, supporting screens from 33 to 70 inches. The screen centre height adjustment between 1100 – 1500mm, ensures that screens are prominently displayed. The stand has a weight capacity of 60 kg per screen, suitable for various display types. The bolt-down feature offers extra stability, making it suitable for permanent installations in public areas or high-traffic environments. The design also incorporates simple snap-in panels for tidy cable management, ensuring a professional appearance.

  • Includes universal mount (PZX1 VESA 200x200 to 600x400), AVP1 metal shelf and 4-way power socket as standard. Smaller VESA universal mount and dedicated mount also available.
  • Screen centre height adjustment between 1100-1500mm.
  • Utilises M10 floor bolts (not supplied) that fully recess into the base and can be topped with trim caps for clean finish.
  • Easy to use cable management via snap-in panels.
  • 4-way power socket neatly locates behind screen.
  • Video conference and other accessories available, see ‘Compatible With’ below.
This solution is suitable for a maximum weight capacity of 60kg and covers VESA's 200x200 to 600x400mm. Please check ‘SPECS’ below for more details.

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AVHBD | Avecta Hi Level Bolt Down Stand







Adaptable Height
Screen centre is adjustable between 1100 – 1500mm, ensuring an elevated viewing position.

Quality Construction
Measuring 760mm in width and 300mm in depth, it provides a compact yet sturdy base.

VESA Compatibility
Supports VESA sizes from 200x200 to 600x400, catering to various screen types.

Bolt Down Security
The bolt-down feature adds enhanced stability and security, perfect for permanent installations.

Cable Management
Incorporates a neat system for cable organization.

Custom branding and colour options available, with a standard offering in Sinterflex Black or White.

Video Conference Compatibility
Sound Bar, Video Conference Camera and Speaker mounts are readily available with rapid turnaround.

Alternative Versions
Twin screen ACHT and ACHP versions available.

Fully Bespoke

Our Avecta Solutions can be completely customised to suit your requirements. The Special Projects Design department are able to produce conceptual and production versions for many varied applications.

Please contact [email protected] to discuss.


AVHBD | Avecta Hi Level Bolt Down Stand

Screen Size: 33" - 70"
Vesa Size: 200x200 - 600X400
Max Weight Capacity: 60kg
Height: Centre of Screen: 1500mm
Width: 765mm
Depth: 481mm
Weight: 21.50kg