All In One UHD Mounts

Experience the ultimate in immersive displays with our cutting-edge large format all-in-one LED screen mount solutions.

Elevate any space with our floor-to-ceiling, floor-to-wall, and ceiling suspension options, tailor designed for supporting all-in-one LED screens up to a staggering 200”. These mounts boast unparalleled stability and dedicated design and manufacturing, to make your installation simpler.

  • FCUHD  |  Floor-to-Ceiling - Single Screen up to 200"
  • FWUHDS  |  Floor-to-Wall - Single Screen up to 200"
  • KPUHD3CB  |  Ceiling Suspension - Single Screen up to 200"

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Dedicated design for each make and model

Variety of mount styles

Supports up to 200"

Other mount styles available upon request

Fully Bespoke

Our All-in-One mounts can be completely customised to suit your requirements. The Special Projects Design department are able to produce conceptual and production versions for many varied applications.

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All In One UHD Mounts

Screen Size: 100" - 200"
Vesa Size: -
Max Weight Capacity:
Weight: 0.00kg