Video walls are a popular way to generate that ‘WOW’ factor with dynamic advertising for all markets and is continually on the rise. To help assist the video wall market, UNICOL’s Adapta-Wall video wall mount is a ‘pop-out’ mount that features a ‘push-to-close, push-to-open’ mechanism that provides users with access to each screen regardless of its position. Remote latching is also available whereby no screen contact is applicable.

The video wall mount range covers VESA 200x200 to 800x400, suitable for a wide range of screen sizes typically between 33 – 70”. Each Adapt-Wall mount comes with full-screen adjustment in all planes for screens up to 45kg and a horizontal/vertical centre line is provided on all back plates to allow for easy setup. An optional ‘pull cord’ can also be provided for additional security to prevent unauthorised ‘pop-out’ operation when in high footfall/public areas.

There are three versions of the Adapta-Wall video mount – compact, standard and portrait. All offer a range of VESA fixing points and can be utilised alongside UNICOL’s Adapta-Wall structure components to create floor-to-ceiling, floor-to-wall or ceiling suspended video walls. Utilising these structure components allows you to be more creative with your video wall and where you place it – it’s not just restricted to a wall!

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Another video wall mount system, is the ScreenRail Multi-Display System that features a highly adaptable rail system for mounting flat screens in-line, in any number. Traditionally utilised for digital menu boards, telepresence and simple video walls, the ScreenRail can be adapted to work as a ceiling suspended display or as a wall mounted structure. With a range of rail lengths, arm types and stand-off brackets, ScreenRail video wall mount enables you to pick and choose the best options for you, providing you with the flexibility to stand out!

For a free standing video wall mount system, UNICOL’s V-Wall structure is ideal for situations where quick, easy and accurate assembly is required ie. hire, retail, events etc. This robust modular structure is made of individual mast units that are joined with cross members enabling a 4-high display unit to have infinite width (3-high units also available). Cable management runs are catered for and there is adequate space for players or PC’s. Each display fixes to the standard Adapt-Wall video wall mount that allows for tool-less adjustment in all planes by means of knurled wheels for in-out and up-down movement. Lateral action is achieved by sliding the display smoothly on wheels located within the mount arms.

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Those looking for an LED video wall mount, will need to look out for the VLED patented universal LED mounting system. Available as free standing, floor fixed or with a rolling track, the VLED video wall mount offers a wide range of possibilities when creating LED video walls. The VLED structure allows for simple on-site assembly and provides plenty of easy LED chassis locations making installation and maintenance stress free. UNICOL’s technical team are always on hand and ready to provide expert advice for any video wall project being considered.

Think outside the box! Our Special Projects Design Team are on hand to create bespoke solutions that best suit your requirements. With over 55 years experience and a purpose-built factory based in Oxford, UNICOL are able to support large, custom one-off items with flexibility for style and delivery. With the testing, designing and manufacturing being done in one place, UNICOL are able to maintain their principle of innovating robust, versatile and dependable products for today’s AV market.

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