Unicol designs and manufactures a range of TV kiosk style enclosures for large format TV screens in floor-fixed and free-standing versions. These units are Ideal for indoor digital signage applications especially for retail shopping malls or in window displays. Single screen or back to back versions that will accommodate deeper high bright TV displays are built specifically for the make and model of TV. Interactive units are also available using interactive foil technology so that your favourite TV can be used or installed units retrofitted. Cooling is achieved by air recirculating fans.

Our Special Projects Design department has been engaged in the ongoing development of TV Kiosks for many years and can produce conceptual and production versions for many varied applications. There are a number of styles to choose from with TV enclosures either having square or rounded corners, bases can be free-standing, floor-fixed or wheeled. These units are in the public eye and colour and branding is important. We, therefore, have a range of standard colours to choose from and offer finishing the units in brand colours with associated logos and signage. For customer interaction, the K-Touch interactive TV Kiosk can be trolley or wall mounted for 40" to 75" screens in portrait or landscape. It has a touch foil on 6mm laminated glass with 2 point or 20 point touch options. This is ideal for shopping malls or wayfinding in public places and comes in single or double-sided versions.

Obelisk Digital Signage System

Ideal for indoor digital signage applications.
Internal air circulating fans and space for players and PCs.
Easy to assemble and install including access panel for maintenance.
Sinterflex Black and other finishes including branding options.
Single or Back-to-Back.
Range of styles.
Wide choice of screen options