Looking to buy or have recently bought the Samsung Fl!p and are looking for a stand solution to go alongside it? UNICOL’s Samsung Flip stand is a stylish dedicated rotating screen mount solution designed specifically to work around the Samsung Flip and its unique features.

NEW! Designed with the Fl!p in mind, this trolley system provides users with the ability to smoothly transition from landscape to portrait and vice versa. Utilising excellent cable management, a fold-down shelf and a 4-way power socket as standard, this Avecta trolley is ideal for any boardroom to show venue.

Please Note: dependent upon configuration, this solution is suitable for maximum screen weight of 60kg and covers VESA's 400x400. Please see specifications below for more details.

From boardroom to show venue, the Avecta style Samsung Flip stand is a flexible trolley system that comes with excellent cable management and the ability to adjust the height from 1250 to 1520mm. Manufactured with a specialist Rotamount that sits with a 5* ergonomic tilt, the Samsung Flip stand allows users to smoothly transition between portrait and landscape.

“Embedded sensors mean that Samsung Flip turns on whenever you approach the display, pick up the pen or switch between portrait and landscape modes. This accelerated activation means there’s no lengthy boot-up process and you can start meetings on time or quickly pick up where you left off.”

- Samsung

The Samsung Flip’s stylish grey design is highlighted when paired with the white Avecta Samsung Flip Stand. Designed to work seamlessly with the functionality of the screen, the Samsung Flip stand has an ergonomically open and spacious base to allow users to comfortably utilise the screen without having to lean over base legs and castors.

Located behind the stand, keeping it clear of the rotating screen, sits a 440x350mm fold-down shelf for users to keep their laptops, remotes, notes and more safely out of the way when presenting. This can be folded down after use to lay parallel to the stand’s mast thus allowing the Samsung Flip stand to be stored easier.

“Samsung Flip turns any space into a meeting room – so whether you’re brainstorming new ideas, presenting important business updates or collaborating on projects, there’s no need to find a dedicated meeting room.”


The Samsung Flip stand features a unique trolley base that also utilises braked wheels giving users the option to wheel it in and out of rooms (designed to fit through single doorways) but still being able to lock it into position when ready. The ability to deploy the Samsung Flip stand quickly and then neatly stow it away again encourages users to utilise it as a quick response tool for briefings, meetings and brainstorming sessions.

Manufactured with ‘snap-on’ mast panels that allow you to comfortably run any cabling through with ease. If you want to add another device or remove some cabling, simply ‘snap-off’ the relevant mast panels, replace or add your cabling and then snap the mast panels back into place – neatly covering up the cables, giving you an aesthetically pleasing and cable-free look and feel.

“UNICOL's catalogued products are robust and well made and can be reused again for many years.

Designed with split columns to allow for a single box solution to helps make delivery and installation as simple as possible. The one box solution for the Samsung Flip stand provides a worry-free solution when it comes to installation by containing all the relevant parts, including fixing kits, for one-two people to put together!

Think outside the box! Our Special Projects Design Team are on hand to create bespoke solutions that best suit your requirements. With over 55 years experience and a purpose-built factory based in Oxford, UNICOL are able to support large, custom one-off items with flexibility for style and delivery. With the testing, designing and manufacturing being done in one place, UNICOL are able to maintain their principle of innovating robust, versatile and dependable products for today’s AV market.