Trends in the corporate sector show an increase in video wall installations, especially in HQ buildings but with sub 3mm pitch high resolution LED now set to compete with LCDs on price, Unicol sees LED overtaking backlit LCDs for indoor video walls in the next 5 years or sooner. LEDs are also brighter, easier to install and outdoor capable, even the price point for higher resolution panels is coming down. When specifying a project there must be a distinction made between LED back or edge lit LCD TV displays and LED display panels / modules.

The use of LED to describe the way ofback lightingLCD TVs is correct but LED was hijacked by TV brands trying to woo consumers to buy their TV's by using it as a new buzz word to sell more TVs, so LED TV took over from LCD TV which is inaccurate and misleading. This resulted in confusion between a true LED Display panel or module, like the ones used at football stadiums and advertising hoardings where the LED lamps produce the image and an LCD Display where the LCD substrate produces the image withback lightingfromLED. This nuance is lost on some but to the professional AVmarketit is an important distinction. Unicolareat the forefront of support system design for indoor ‘tile module’ LED displays, offering bespoke solutions forfree-standing, floor to wall and ceiling suspension. The experience in designing and manufacturing LED video wall installs for the corporate, retail, public and other sectorsisyour reassurance for any new project being considered. In addition to fixed installationequipmentthere are occasions when the whole LED Video Wall needs to be either moved forward in order to gain access to cables and media players or moved back from, for instance, a shop window in order toswap-outthe front loading LED panels or clean the window.

To fulfil this requirement Unicol has designed and manufactured a product called AV Roller Trak, which is Ideal for retail and other applications to enable LED Video Wall to be tracked in / out or from side to side, thus opening exciting possibilities for window displays, dynamic presentations, servicing needs or just access for module swap-out / store front cleaning.

LED Video Wall

With 'tile module' LED displays offering the ability to configure seamless displays, the need for a safe and well-engineered support structure has become all the more essential.
Available in freestanding, rollertrak or static.
Simple on-site assembly.
Expert advice for any project being considered.
Installer and maintenance friendly.
Floor to Ceiling & Floor to Wall installations.
Ceiling suspended or curved screen also available.
Structures for most LED tile system makes/models