UNICOL’s Obelisk Digital Signage System is a column style kiosk/totem enclosure for large format screens that allows for a wide range of customisation and adaptability. Utilising the UNICOL standard chrome columns and a wall mount cross member to create an ‘H-frame’ that provides a stable structure for all connecting parts. This provides the ODSS with its customisable, quick to manufacture (5-10 working day turnaround) and easy install configuration. Ideal for retail environments, the ODSS kiosk/totem solution provides you with the choice of three different styles to best suit your digital display requirements; floor-to-ceiling, bolt down and freestanding.

A dedicated solution. Covering 30 – 79” screens and available single or double sided, each digital signage kiosk is designed and manufactured to your choice of screen, giving you the freedom to select the screen that best suits your requirements. By giving you the ability to choose your own screens, players and cameras, it enables large companies to benefit when rolling out the ODSS over a range of stores as they can buy in bulk, whilst smaller companies benefit as they can research and get the screen that best suits their specific requirements based on need and budget. We give you the freedom and customisability from the word go.

Be seen across the crowd! Each digital signage kiosk comes with 2m columns as standard, meaning that your solution is going to stand out in those busy footfall areas. Custom height solutions also available for when you want that extra or reduced height.

"What people tend to forget when looking at kiosk options for their installation is that every install is unique, the windows, doors, floors etc are always different and finding one solution that works for all of a brands chains used to be almost impossible. The column system that the ODSS uses has given us the flexibility to change elements of the kiosks to fit the client’s site requirements, in some cases we have used ceiling fixtures or floor fixtures where there wasn’t the room for a free-standing kiosk, ultimately the look and feel is the same and fits in with the clients branding. Working with Unicol allows us to tweak the product and customise it even after installation and the ability to replace damaged parts has been a real winner for us. One client managed to smash the screen inside and rang us in a panic! Within an hour we had a replacement on site and installed, as you can imagine this just isn’t possible with another solution, our clients rely on these kiosks for advertising and down time means potential loss of business."

Providing bespoke, interactive and brand relevant installations is what is going to engage customers and keep them within your space. Your solution is going to be in the public eye, day in, day out so it is important to ensure your branding is carried through from store to store which is why we offer additional finishes in a wide range of RAL colours and provide vinyl or illuminated branding where necessary - keeping branding and engagement levels consistent across sites.

It takes two to tango - most ODSS kiosk/totem solutions only need one-two people an hour to assemble! The simplicity of the build allows you, the end user and/or the installer to single-handedly swap parts out, turn players on and off, check parts and update screens with minimal effort. This provides you with the unique capability of keeping hardware and software up-to-date and quickly maintained should there ever be a change or an issue, without the cost of another rollout. 

Think outside the box! Our Special Projects Design Team are on hand to create bespoke solutions that best suit your requirements, whether that means camera holes for analytics devices, device trays for lots of equipment, illuminated branding to make your solution stand out, multi-screen floor-to-ceiling kiosks and more. With over 30 variations of the ODSS designed so far, the adaptations are limitless!

"Unicol’s Obelisk Digital Signage System has been carefully considered and thought out by Unicol to ensure it meets the needs of both small installations and large alike. The solution offers a flexibility that is not available through other solutions, being able to add cameras and sensors to the solution allows our clients to capture anonymous analytics which has helped us show the demonstrable return on investment to our clients which for us has enabled us to secure future business. The other big selling point is the capability to customise this solution, Unicol’s capacity to turn around units within a few days in any colour with any branding to fit any screen means you never have to worry about upsetting clients when they suddenly want additional units or the screen supplier can’t fulfil the order and you have to change models.”