Recognised as the industry standard for quality, UNICOL’s universal and dedicated AV wall mount range provides users with a fully adjustable, reliable solution. Designed and manufactured in-house with over 55 years of experience, UNICOL’s range of AV wall mounts provides users with the ability to follow VESA fixing points with a universal mount, or have a custom-made dedicated wall mount that is designed specifically for your choice of screen. Suitable for screens between 30 – 110”, there is a wall mount available for every occasion!

Available as flat-to-wall or tilting versions, the Pozimount range of AV wall mounts has become well known as the industry standard. Covering VESA’s 200x200 through to 1000x600 (inc. portrait 600x1000 VESA), there is a Pozimount solution for any size screen between 30 – 110”.

Patented finger tip tilt control mechanism within the universal tilting AV wall mount range allows you to adjust and set the viewing angle with ease. Suitable for VESA’s 200x200 to 600x400, the tilting Pozimount range is typically suitable for screens between 30 – 70”.

Each universal mount comes with in-built screen levelling and is fully adjustable to allow you to ensure it’s exactly where you want it positioned. Universal screen fixing kits are supplied as standard and cover M4, M5, M6 and M8 screw sizes. The Pozimount range also fits with any UNICOL stand or trolley, wall arm or ceiling mount solution within our catalogue.

"We prefer to use Unicol for our wall mounting and floor standing solutions due to the greater quality of the product."

Xactmatch AV wall mounts are designed to take the guesswork out of ordering and installing screen mounts regardless of the make or model of screen. Each dedicated mount is factory designed and tested and allows for cable entry and cooling vent positions.

Available as flat-to-wall or tilting mounts in both landscape and portrait, these AV wall mounts cover 33 – 110” screens and can support up to 150kg (style dependent). Also available is the Xactmatch Rotamount that allows you to smoothly transition your screen from landscape to portrait, and vice versa, with ease. In-built safety stops allow for precise indexing for both landscape and portrait positions. Each Rotamount comes with a dedicated mount as standard.

Specific screen fixing kits are supplied as standard and cover the relevant screen screw sizes. The Xactmatch range also fits with any UNICOL stand or trolley, wall arm or ceiling mount solution within our catalogue.

"Great products, keep doing what you do"

Designed and tested with integrators, clients and consultants, the VertiSlide allows users to tidily, and comfortably, store their devices behind their wall-mounted screen. This AV wall mount range provides users with a controlled lift-and-lower 19” rack tray that enables them to swap-in-swap-out any old or broken devices with ease and efficiency.

The equipment tray can be separated from the main cassette so that devices can be assembled and attached prior to installation, meaning only one installer, support staff or user is needed when replacing devices thus reducing the screens downtime. Once replaced and closed, the tray can be locked with its built-in barrel lock, keeping all devices securely out of the way. Its built-in cable management for a neat and tidy appearance whether open or closed.

Available in both universal and dedicated, the VertiSlide range is suitable for screens between 40 – 110” with a weight of up to 120kg (style dependent). An under-desk mount version is also available upon request. 

"Solid products, solid company, solid service! I know what to expect. Thanks & keep up the good work"

Steel-made, long lasting, quality range of swivel and parallel action AV wall mounts with user adjustable joint tensioning, full swivel, tilt and screen levelling. The Panarm range provides users with a range of single or dual arm articulating AV wall mounts that are suitable for 15-110” screens.

The smaller compact swivel arm range are suitable for 75x75 to 200x100 VESA pattern whereas the heavy duty swivel arms come with a universal PZX1 or PZX3 AV wall mount as standard giving you a VESA up to 600x400. For larger, heavier screens, the robust construction of the PLA4 allows you to support screens up to 110” and up to 130kg. Able to swivel left or right as well as track in and out, this AV wall mount is ideal for use in alcoves.

Each Panarm AV wall mount comes with in-built screen levelling and has a degree of tilting to enable you to get your screens into the right position. All come with universal fixing kit as standard.

"The catalogued products are robust and well made and can be reused again for many years. We have used the bespoke service, before now, and this is a valuable service for those tricky installations."