UNICOL’s AV Display Stands cover an extensive range of screen sizes, applications and sectors. Ranging from small screen stands for exhibitions and museums, all the way through to heavy duty stands for the office, classroom and more. Each AV display stand comes with an array of accessories including shelves and video conference options, and is available in a range of standard colours with additional RAL colour options available at an increased price. Below are a few of the favoured AV display stands in more detail.

From boardroom to show venue – the Avecta AV display stand is a flexible and adaptable single or twin screen solution that provides excellent cable management and in-built screen levelling. Covering 33 – 110” screens, the Avecta is one of UNICOL’s most diverse stand/trolley solutions. Interlocking panels allow you to keep your cabling neatly tucked away whilst being easily accessible for replacing kit, moving position and more. Available as hi level, lo level, bolt down, floor-to-wall, twin screen and with Rotamount, the applications are limitless. All styles (exc. Heavy Duty) come with a 4-way power socket and all metal shelf as standard.

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The graceful and stylish design of the Axia AV display stand allows is to support screens of up to 70”. With neat cable management, shelf height adjustment, in-built screen levelling and locking cabinets, the Axia fits into any corporate environment with ease and style. A 4-way power socket can be found tucked neatly on the back of the screen mount when purchasing a hi or lo level av display stand or trolley. Available in a range of heights, the Axia comfortably supports single or twin screen solutions – allowing you to get the best fit for your requirements.

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The Parabella AV display stand is a classic curved, slim stand that caters for 33-80” screens within the exhibition, rental and conference sector. Sitting at a 1.8m viewing height, the Parabella is ideal for crowded, high footfall areas as it allows content to be seen from afar. A neat cable management system runs down the curved legs of the display stand, keeping cabling out of the way of the public. Available in two styles (standard and heavy duty) and in Sinterflex Black or Diamond Silver as standard.

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Electronic control and PowaLift technology combine to create a versatile AV display stand solution that is ideal for education, offices, museums and anywhere where a screen may be utilised by children or wheelchair users. Operated by wireless remote or manual switch to command AV displays to rise or descend smoothly through 700mm, safely stopping at any point. Suitable for 33 – 110” screens, the PowaLift range is available as an av display stand or trolley.

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With its clean lines and superior finish options, the Rhobus range of AV display stand solutions answer the needs of corporate users – from board room to prestige exhibitor. The Rhobus range is the most versatile of all the AV display stands due to its ability to support single screens up to 110” or up to 4x46” displays. All models come with ample capacity for codecs, cabling and other AV devices through a locking door located in the stands mast. Swappable feet enable you to turn your AV display stand into a trolley (and vice versa) at a moment’s notice! Available in a range of styles and colours, the Rhobus offers a high level of variation to ensure you get the best stand for you.

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The VS1000 AV display stand has built a reputation of being the workhorse of the AV industry. Its easy assembly and interchangeable parts and accessories enable it to be modified on site to suit the requirements at the time of use. This robust solution is the favoured choice for trade shows, education, broadcast and AV users everywhere. Choose from a wide range of base styles, add 1.5m columns and choose your mounting option to produce your bespoke solution.

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