With projectors coming in many shapes and sizes across the market, from education through to projection mapping, it is important to check that you are getting the best mount for you. UNICOL offer a wide range of projector mounts that are universally styled or custom dedicated to your make and model.

For projectors that are 12kg and below, there is the universal Gyrolock projector mount solution that comes in various suspension lengths up to 1200mm, in the form of a suspension kit (up to 3000mm) and with the option of a 45-55mm truss clamp fixture. These universal mounts offer a wide range of adjustment that not only covers the widely differing projector screw fixing centres but also allows clearance for contour variations often found in projector design.

For those who aren’t sure what they want, UNICOL’s ‘packaged priced’ projector mount kits offer ease and convenience for specifiers and installers. Each kit combines the necessary ceiling plate, column and universal Gyrolock mount needed for a typical installation. Available in a variety of heights to suit your suspension requirements and comes in one box to make installation easy from the get go.

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For projectors that are 20kg and below, there is the dedicated Gyrolock projector mount solution that works alongside the Trilock docking system. The Trilock docking system uses a standardised ‘bayonet style’ fitting to carry projector mounting plates made specifically to fit each make and model of projector (also available with a universal attachment). Comes with full tilt and turn adjustment as standard, giving users and installers the ability to adjust and line up after installation. The docking system allows easy projector set up, removal for maintenance and more. Like the universal range, this projector mount solution is available in various suspension lengths from 75 to 700mm, or up to 3000mm when used with the column suspension parts.

If you’re looking for a more dedicated approach, UNICOL offer five projector suspension unit variations that are designed specifically for each individual projector. All PSU projector mounts are designed to align accurately with the projector mounting holes and take account of any cooling or lamp access requirements. Available as direct fixing, cradle direct fixing, vertical down aspect, portrait and micro-adjustable and all readily fitted with column sockets for ceiling suspension. These projector mounts are an alternative method of projector mounting, either to meet a projector’s optical needs or to give protection to projectors when used in hire-based circumstances.

"The catalogued products are robust and well made and can be reused again for many years. We have used the bespoke service, before now, and this is a valuable service for those tricky installations."

In need of further projector protection? UNICOL’s Guardbox Anti-Theft Enclosure is constructed from heavy gauge steel and incorporates many innovative features. Available in five sizes, each Guardbox incorporates a unique twin bar system designed to fit into a number of slots for different projector lens positions. Each bar has another bar fitted inside making it virtually impossible to hacksaw through. Ideal for education environments or high footfall areas whereby the removal of a projector may occur.

UNICOL have been developing projector mounts for over 55 years, thus providing them with a wealth of expertise in the design and manufacture of all kinds of projector suspension solutions to meet client’s special requirements. Although a wide range of projector mounts are already available, UNICOL also offer bespoke projector mount solutions that are unique to the individuals specific requirements. Previously produced bespoke projects include; downward/upward projection, multi-projector units, 3D rigs and more.

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