A wide range of unique ceiling plates that give users the option to install specifically designed solutions for screens and projectors. Available as anti-vibration, gantry, tilting, twin, stub column and more.

Please Note: dependant on the ceiling plate of choice, the maximum weight capacity is between 60 to 200kg. Please see specs below for more information.


*All prices exclude VAT
  • Ceiling plates include; stub column, gantry, tilting, anti-vibration, twin and swivel
  • Stub Column is useful in low headroom situations, allows direct connections of UNICOL PSU projection mounts etc, has a max weight 120kg and is available in small (120x120mm plate holes) or large (240x240mm plate holes)
  • Gantry Ceiling Plates are primarily used for spider gantry units and contain internal safety mechanism that allows limited movement of suspension columns to protect ceiling fixings. Max weight of 270kg and have 300x300 and 500x500 plate holes
  • Tilting Ceiling Plates are for sloping or uneven installation surfaces and are ideal for projectors and screens up to 57” with a max weight of 60kg
  • Anti-Vibration Ceiling Plates contain internal dampening systems that provide floating action to reduce vibration from above with a max weight capacity of 60kg
  • Twin Ceiling Plates are ideal for suspension of screens over 50” and floor to ceiling column installations (using FP8)
  • Twin Swivel Ceiling Plates are for suspension of screens over 50” with plate holes of 240x240mm. Allows for 360* swivel

Our Special Ceiling Plates can be completely customised to suit your requirements. The Special Projects Design department are able to produce conceptual and production versions for many varied applications.

Please contact sales@unicol.com to discuss.