A wide range of clamps that fit tubes, truss, piping up to 625mm and girders up to 350mm. Supporting loads of up to 120kg, these clamps are here to make sure your solutions stay where they’re supposed to be.

Please Note: dependant on the choice of clamp, the maximum weight capacity is between 45 to 120kg. Please see specs below for more information.


*All prices exclude VAT
  • For mounting your screen or projector where a wall or ceiling isn’t available
  • Suspend your screens/projectors from lighting gantries, truss, piping, pillars and girders
  • Tube Clamp is designed for 50mm tubes and is suitable for screens up to 57” with a max weight of 45kg. Cable entry catered for
  • Truss Clamps is designed for 40-55mm truss diameters, has cable entry and is suitable for screens up to 57” with a max weight of 120kg. Safety hook version also available
  • Pipe Clamps are suitable for 75-300mm diameter (please specify when ordering) and can support a max screen weight of 120kg. Cable entry catered for
  • Pillar Clamps are suitable for 700mm pipe diameter as standard with two arm length options. Suitable for screens up to 120kg. Single or double arm versions available
  • Girder Clamps are available in two variations - 75-250 or 75-350mm. They provide excellent cable entry and are adjustable from levels to extreme angles of tilt. Suitable for a max weight of 120kg

Our Clamp Solutions can be completely customised to suit your requirements. The Special Projects Design department are able to produce conceptual and production versions for many varied applications.

Please contact to discuss.