PLA4 | Panarm 71-100" Heavy Duty Parallel Action Dual Arm

Steel-made, long lasting, quality parallel action wall arm mounts with user adjustable joint tensioning, full swivel, tilt and screen levelling. Comes with universal screen mount as standard (VESA 400x400 to 900x600). These heavy duty mounts are 130kg rated. Able to swivel left or right as well as track in and out in a parallel manner when being used in alcoves for example. Unit fully extends to 53.5cm and is 12.6cm when closed. Comes complete with fine adjustment features for accurate screen positioning.

Please Note: this solution is suitable for maximum screen weight of 130kg and typically suits screens between 71-110”. Please see specifications below for more details.


*All prices exclude VAT
  • All created in steel
  • Lasting quality, user adjustable joint tensioning, full swivel and tilt
  • Screen levelling capabilities
  • Versatile
  • Enhanced degree of adjustment for more extreme viewing angles
  • Large screen versions available
  • Single arm versions available

Our Panarm Swivel Wall Mount Solutions can be completely customised to suit your requirements. The Special Projects Design department are able to produce conceptual and production versions for many varied applications.

Please contact [email protected] to discuss.

PLA4 | Panarm 71-100" Heavy Duty Parallel Action Dual Arm (PLA4)

Screen Size: 71" - 100"
Vesa Size: 400x400 - 900x600
Max Weight Capacity: 130kg
Height: 550mm
Width: 870mm
Depth: 121-534mm
Weight: 26.00kg