1. UNICOL slides a new serviceable wall mount into their range

    UNICOL slides a new serviceable wall mount into their range

    British AV mount manufacturer, UNICOL, have extended their wall mount range with the introduction of the VertiSlide Serviceable Cassette Mount. Currently available in two versions (VTS1 & VTS2), the VertiSlide is suitable for screens between 40-100” with a weight of up to 90kg.

    Designed and tested with integrators, clients and consultants, the VertiSlide allows users to tidily, and comfortably, store their devices behind their wall-mounted screen. Utilising a controlled lift-and-lower 19” rack tray, users can swap-in-swap-out any old or broken devices with ease and efficiency. The equipment tray can be separated from the main cassette so that devices can be assembled and attached prior to installation, meaning only one installer, support staff or user is needed when replacing devices thus reducing the screens downtime. Once replaced and closed, the tray can be locked with its built-in barrel lock, keeping all devices securely out of the way.

    Specifically man

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    British based AV mount manufacturer, UNICOL, are increasing their footprint at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) this year. Located in Hall 1 on stand N120, guests will be able to explore and trial a wide range of new, standard and custom AV mounting solutions for the corporate, education, retail and transport sectors.

    Launching on the stand will be their latest product, the Vertislide Serviceable Cassette Mount. Designed so that users can securely, and tidily, store their devices behind the screen in a swap-in-swap-out cassette tray. Utilising the lockable drop down tray, users can efficiently and discreetly change, replace or upgrade old/broken devices without having to take the screen off the wall. Keeping the out-of-order time to an absolute minimum, whether situated in your boardroom, reception, classroom and more.

    Expanding on the Obelisk Digital Signage System (ODSS), UNICOL will be displaying an array of bespoke and custom dual column kiosk/totem

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    Did you know that approximately 98% of Unicol’s packaging and products are recyclable?
    Being a design and manufacture company for over 55 years, Unicol has continually improved their packaging methods to ensure that they are easy to recycle whilst remaining tough enough to provide the support parcels need.

    In an effort to keep the company’s footprint low, Unicol has become well known for their paper bags...
    Highly regarded for their ability to securely transport a range of products to customers, the aforementioned bags continue to stand the test of time. Made from 3 ply 800gsm natural kraft paper and sewn shut, they are almost impossible to break/tear in day-to-day transport but will naturally be recycled.

    Most of you already know but Unicol products are manufactured from steel onsite at our Oxford facility.
    That makes the

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    Did you know, that approximately 98% of our packaging can be recycled? With the world’s population continually growing, it’s important that we all do our bit to help reduce the amount of waste that we produce.

    At Unicol, we endeavour to recycle as much of our scrappage and packaging as we can. Studies showed that across Europe, approximately 77.5% of all steel product/packaging was recycled and used in other projects, and in 2016, 71.4% of UK packaging waste was either recycled or recovered.

    At Unicol, we work with local companies to ensure that our scrap and waste is taken care of appropriately and not just taken to a landfill;

    • All scrap steel and aluminium is taken back to Metal & Waste, where it is melted down and reproduced as new steel sheets.

    • All cardboard and Unicol paper bags from our packaging is taken back to Print Waste, a recycling centre, where it can be baled and manufactured into new packaging.

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    Whilst everyone is building to the future, it’s important that we celebrate the work, innovation and creativity of those in the industry now. What better way to do this than with the globally recognised InAVation Awards evening? Our marketing team were blown away with the calibre of the whole evening. It was an expertly put together night that included live music, great company, gorgeous food and drink, and most importantly a laugh.

    There were so many great projects, products and people that had been nominated and everyone should be proud that they made it so far. A big congratulations to everyone that did win in each of their categories, with a special well done to Clevertouch and their Pro Series Collaboration Displays.

    For us, an alternate highlight was the sense of pan-cultural community that the whole event had. We had two sets of finalists on our table, one Dutch, one UK and everyone, including Turkish and Chinese, came together to support them. O

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    As many of you know we attended Europe’s biggest AV show, Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), last week. We had the pleasure of meeting so many inspirational people and we really enjoyed being able to meet and greet new and existing customers. We are pleased to announce that next year we will be building on this year’s success and have booked a larger stand in Hall 1 for ISE 2019. This means that we will be bringing more of our extensive array of AV mounting solutions for you to see up close and personal.

    This was the first year that we had an outside company create the skeleton of our stand. Needless to say, we were thoroughly impressed with the look and feel of the whole build and it definitely allowed us to stand out amongst the sea of other companies. It enabled us to show off our wall, floor and ceiling mounting solutions with ease and

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