As UNICOL celebrates its 56th birthday, we turn back time to 1963 and take a meander down the leafy lanes of Oxford to Marston village, home of the first UNICOL building. A young man, who works in a Metallurgy Department, transforms a wooden shed into a fabricating plant. His father, who works as a teacher, introduces the new 35mm slide projectors into local schools, and asks his son to design a portable stand to demonstrate the new technology. The schools fall in love with the projectors and the portable stand and thus, the wooden shed becomes a production hub. To fully establish himself, the young man needed a company name, but what to call it? The portable stand, made of interconnecting components including a base, a platform and one column (made from 2” water pipe at the time), became the inspiration for the name. ‘One column’ =  ‘uni col’ and thus UNICOL was born! The company has been synonymous with safely mounting AV equipment ever since.

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