In simple terms, AV Furniture consists of movable articles that support audio-visual (AV) hardware that make a room or building suitable for living or working in. Within the audiovisual industry, this generally appertains to desks, tables and lecterns that are specifically built to have AV hardware fitted to them, either within or on the outside.

At UNICOL, AV Furniture is divided into Tables, Desks and Lecterns.


There are two Rhobus collaboration table versions, Huddle and Stand-to-Meet. The Huddle can be powered up and down to adjust table height. The Stand-to Meet version has a raised fixed height table top ideal for meetings where sitting is not an option. Both have ample capacity & connectivity for cabling, codec and integration with other systems, all accessible through a cable well and locking door. Built in 4-way power socket comes as standard. Video conference camera mounts are available for all the leading manufacturers of VC equipment. Table tops can be customised in different shapes with cut-outs for all the leading brands of connectivity devices. They can also be branded with different colours and logos. Seating can be supplied as an optional extra.


There are two Lecturer’s Desks, the Principal and Mentor alongside the wall-mounted control desk, the Presentor. 

The Principal provides lecturers with a central desk facility to control AV lecture content, screen or projector video sources, audio, lighting levels and more. Cabinets have 19” removable 6U racks. The desk, with control housing and screen mount, powers up and down for standing or seated operation using the manual switch or remote fob supplied. The Mentor is a smaller desk and comes with a hinged desk top for easy access to AV equipment. Like the Principal, it has the ability to change lighting, content, audio and video sources from one place, allowing users to take control in any lecture theatre. Both units have desk top and cabinet colour choices.

The Presentor is ideal for small lecture theatres or anywhere where space is limited. A folding work surface is ideal for laptop, notes etc. Unit is designed to be functional yet compact, with many control panel options.

Lockable cabinet (with key alike options) is provided for a PC with access to PC ports and power through the side of the unit. A 3U rack strip is also built in. Options include standard UK two gang aperture, plus any other control panel features required. 


These are divided into Free Standing, and Large Screen.

The Canterbury free-standing lectern provides secure storage for media electronics with 19” 16U rack mounting as standard. Stylish oval cabinet has concealed castors with jacking feet for extra stability on uneven surfaces. The range of durable desk tops are available in a choice of sizes and incorporate a control panel housing for standard & custom apertures together with power outlets. A high-quality monitor arm is fully adjustable, desk top has generous room for a keyboard and visualiser (if required). All are available in 1000, 1250 & 1500mm widths, 750mm deep with a choice of wood effect finishes.

The Tableau range of large screen lecterns offer a fixed tilt and height version for screens from 33” to 70”, the Tableau, and an adjustable tilt version with motorised adjustable height, the Tableau Plus. There are two versions of the Tableau Plus for screens 46” to 70” and 71” to 110” making it a very versatile unit ideal for planning and presenting, where a table top, angled and vertical view is required.  Screen angle on both versions can be manually moved through 90 degrees and locked at any point. For height adjustment they are operated by a manual switch enabling screens to rise or descend smoothly through 500mm, stopping safely when required. All models come with mount & full cable management. 

Your Choice

UNICOL designs and manufacturers every solution in their Oxford-based office and factory, allowing for custom solutions to be produced upon request with rapid turnaround times. If you can't find what you're looking for within the above options, or want to discuss customisations, UNICOL's team are experts on all things mounts and are there to support you. To discuss options, call 01865 767676 or email [email protected]