What is AV?

AV stands for Audio Visual and as an industry it enhances communication between humans and is everywhere. It creates a common experience and understanding by combining audio sound systems, amplified voices, music and sound effects with a visual aesthetic of display screens, videos, lights, darkness and movement. AV uses art and technology to communicate ideas, emotions and information, to set a mood and to influence perception.

What is an AV System?

Audio Visual technology helps you to simulate a face-to-face interaction amplifying your voice, your gestures and expressions with thousands of people at once. It can help people communicate more effectively by amplifying, enhancing, controlling, capturing and spreading messages in a room, in a building, across the world. The eye is drawn to dynamic interactions and these images are displayed all around us, from your tv at home, shopping centre, office or airport. Nearly everywhere you visit you will encounter a screen or projected image that will be there to influence your perceptions. Who manufactures the products and how these systems are installed is the responsibility of all the designers, developers, engineers, technicians, producers and office staff that make up the AV Industry.