The Oxford dictionary definition of furniture is “objects that can be moved, such as tables, chairs and beds, which are put into a house or an office to make it suitable for living or working in”. The addition of AV provides connectivity for audio-visual devices with associated cabling fitted to the furniture. Used extensively in many working environments, including offices or lecture theatres, AV furniture provides a unified communications platform.

Most AV furniture has a flat surface at table height or higher and can have chairs arranged around it.

The Unicol AV furniture product line includes:

  • Collaboration Tables
  • Lecterns
  • Lecturer’s Desks
  • Control Desks

All AV furniture is capable of supporting racks for fitting AV devices accessed through lockable doors along with ample space for cable management. In addition, with the exception of the Control Desk, either one or two flat displays can be installed with associated video conferencing cameras, sound and video bars.

Any comparison between furniture models depends on their design use:

  • Collaboration Tables: These consist of two versions, Rhobus Huddle, to sit around and Rhobus Stand-to-Meet, to stand against. Used mainly for meetings for a number of people, both have the ability to communicate to others remotely.
  • Lecterns: There is one lectern model called the Canterbury with three versions of desktop size and colour choices for desktops and cabinets. Used mainly in lecture theatres, the Canterbury provides the lecturer with a control housing and screen, configured for the particular theatre installation.
  • Lecturers Desks: There are two models, the Principal and Mentor. Both used in a lecture theatre environment. The Principal is larger than the Mentor is with three sizes of desktop, all powered up and down. The Mentor has one model with smaller desktop size, hinged for access. Both have control housings and the configuration of AV devices determined by customer requirements, including branding options.
  • Control Desks: This is a desk, called the Presentor, which fixes to the wall. Designed to be compact it has a desktop that folds down. An angled facia provides a surface for AV devices to control room functions, installed to a customer’s requirements.

AV furniture at a glance:

Office Meeting Rooms:

  • Rhobus Huddle – Collaboration table, single or twin screen, for 6 seated people.
  • Rhobus Meet-to-Greet ­– Collaboration Table, single or twin screen, for 6 standing people

Lecture Theatres:

  • Canterbury Lectern – single screen desk with control housing.
  • Principle Lecturer’s Desk – single screen large desk in three sizes with control housing.
  • Mentor Lecturer’s Desk – single screen large one size desk with control housing.
  • Presentor Control Desk – wall fixed small desktop with facia for control devices.