We take a look at why UNICOL offer both Universal and Dedicated options within their ranges and how that benefits you.


Before flat TV screens became popular, manufacturers designed their own fixing patterns on the rear panel of the screen. These were mainly the early plasma flat screens and were chosen before the adoption of the VESA universal fixing standard! UNICOL, who had always made bespoke mounts to fit each screen exactly, adopted the VESA universal mounting system within the PZX/PZW range of universal mounts, but to ensure earlier TV screens and custom ones would always be catered for UNICOL chose to continue making dedicated mounts for all screens within their PLX/PLW range. In doing so, UNICOL provide integrators with the benefit of saving time by providing a mount that has only one set of fixings and no adjustments to be made. So with choice there is always the question of which one to use and why? Here are 2 answers that can help in making the decision:

  1. Universal TV mounts can be held in stock and you know that screens within the size and VESA range stated will be catered for.
  2. Dedicated TV mounts will always fit the designated screen without having to figure out fixings or having to make adjustments,


Projectors, on the other hand, have majoritively adopted similar patterns to the TV screen VESA fixing pattern system, but there remains no official VESA fixing pattern for projectors. Therefore, dedicated mounts are still a necessity in some cases. Universal mounts for projectors are in common use and typically use a spider-type system of adjustable arms with height adjustment at the projector fixing point in order to adjust for contours in the projector body. However, many can be difficult to install because you have to hold the projector at height under the mount, adjust in two planes and fix. As with the screen mounts above, UNICOL manufacture both universal and dedicated mounts to provide choice for the installer or distributor. The decision-making answers are also similar to the above:

  1. Universal Projector mounts can be held in stock and you know that the majority of projectors within the stated weight range will be catered for. In general, universal mounts only cover lighter projectors up to 12kg.
  2. Dedicated Projector mounts will always fit the designated projector without having to choose which fixing to use or having to make adjustments. In addition, dedicated mounts will cater for heavier projectors.

Ultimately, the choice comes down to preference and the project taking place at the time. For example - You have a project with 50+ screens that won't change for the next 5 years? Dedicated might be the better option, you don't have to worry about the install and it's unlikely to need different screens in the immediate future. Or, you have an array of adhoc projects coming through that require 5-10 mounts at a time? Universal might be more beneficial as it allows you to keep it in stock and subsequently get out of the door quicker!

For advice on what's best for your situation, call 01865 767676 or email [email protected] where our team of experts will be able to advise the best option(s) for you.