With digital signage continuing to expand across all market sectors there is the increasing issue of ensuring it is safe/durable in outdoor climates. This issue is compounded when you take into consideration the size of the screens often required for digital signage scenarios such as; advertising, sharing sporting events, acting as departure boards, rebrands and more. With large screens comes a high risk of accidental damage, dust, machinery spray, high / low temperature ranges and more – so how do you keep them safe?

CE Approved
Pioneered in the 80’s, UNICOL’s Outdoor Housings have been carefully manufactured to work in a range of environments, from pub gardens through to train stations. Following the standards of the International Protection (IP) Rating, these Outdoor Housings offer an IP53 rating which covers dust protection and water spray. In covering dust and water spray, UNICOL ensures its outdoor housings are suitable for a wide range of exterior situations. By utilising an IP rating, users are able to instantly identify whether the product at hand is suitable for the environment it is entering.

To further this, the Outdoor Housings are constructed in 1050 grade aluminium. The lightweight frames are corrosion resistant, UV radiation resistant and impact resistant, providing a long life for both the housing and the screen in all weathers. Also fitted with a polycarbonate or anti-reflective polycarbonate screen, users can comfortably rely on the screens strength without influencing the screens viewing capacity.

Internally, a dual high / low thermostat is fitted within the housing controlling with a 100W PTC ceramic heater and filtered air-circulating fans. By default the low temperature activation point for the heater is set at 13oC (check set for lower temperature). The high temperature actuation is set at 30oC (average for most displays). This can be set lower if positive air pressure is required in the cabinet to reduce the incursion of dust / humidity. It is not recommended to set the upper temperature above 30oC.

Replace the Filter Yourself
Ensuring that users get long lasting usability across the board, the Outdoor Housing utilises a user replaceable cartridge air filtration system that provides you with the opportunity to clear and replace the filter instead of having to call someone out or replace the whole solution. If the circulation fan is active for extended periods, it may be necessary to change the filter more frequently.

Tailor Made
External to the features that make the Outdoor Housing a robust and reliable solution, is UNICOL’s ability to produce tailor-made solutions to suit the users choice of screen and PC/player. Suitable for screens between 30” – 82”, UNICOL’s Oxford based factory is prepared to design and manufacture a bespoke solution to your screen requirements. Whether your screen is wall, ceiling or back-to-back mounted; landscape or portrait; slim line or not, UNICOL’s design team have unrivalled experience in this specialised field to ensure that your screen is correctly housed. Other bespoke options include branding (vinyl or illuminated), a wide range of colours and the option of rounded corners.