This week, we look into how UNICOL’s Outdoor Housing range has helped enhance attendees experience at Euro Auctions. With eight auction sites worldwide, Euro Auctions sees millions of pieces of equipment move through their sites daily. Hosting over 50 major auctions each year, Euro Auctions offer one of the most extensive industrial auctions in the world. Their England site, located in Leeds, saw people from all over the world come together to take part in the selling and buying of agricultural vehicles, industrial plant equipment and much more.


Euro Auctions required a professional AV solution that would enable content to be displayed alongside real-time bidding information – both online and offline. With bidders also competing with those online, it was vital that information was clear, up-to-date and visible to all. The Leeds based Euro Auctions site boasts three large auction theatres, two outside and one inside, each with their own viewing section. For those outside, screens needed to be protected from all weather conditions and had to be visible when dealing with direct sunlight. As Euro Auctions caters for large crowds each day, the screens had to be big enough to be seen anywhere from any angle, without distracting or blocking bidders from seeing the goods.


AV integrators, Visavvi, headed up the project and asked UNICOL to help provide a solution that could house the screens and keep them safe throughout the year. The solutions would also need to be dust protected, due to large construction and agricultural vehicles passing through the rings. Tasked with helping to streamline the bidding process, the Outdoor Housings had to be mounted onto railings in front of the bidders and on the walls above. They had to work parallel with the bid catchers who would alert the auctioneers when a bid had been accepted.


The challenge was to ensure the solution would protect screens from the irregular British weather conditions whilst ensuring that the screen would still be visible in direct sunlight. UNICOL’s outdoor housing range was chosen for its adaptability and custom offering.

Integrating Philips 55” & 86” BDL range, the outdoor housing units were placed around the rings so that they could be viewed from all angles without obstructing the lots being sold. Being IP53 rated and designed to be corrosion-free, the outdoor housings can withstand all kinds of weather conditions and not be affected by any dust that may be thrown up by the passing vehicles. Anti-reflective screens were utilised to ensure visibility and readability on even the brightest of days. 

As the screens would be used for long periods of time throughout the day it was also important that they could run without overheating. UNICOL’s Outdoor Housing Range incorporates a thermostatic internal heating and cooling system to ensure that screens do not overheat and fail.

Project Outcome
In total, twelve large screen Outdoor Housing units with anti-reflective screens were installed at the Euro Auctions viewing centre in Leeds. The units supply a clear display for everyone to follow through the bidding process and reduce the possibility of people falling behind bidders taking part online. Steve Gore Browne, Visavvi Account Manager said, “the team at UNICOL were brilliant throughout the project. They really did work collaboratively with us, and were, both flexible and highly responsive so we could deliver the project perfectly on time. Because of the environment, this installation certainly came with its challenges but UNICOL couldn’t have been more efficient and professional in the process.”

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