Did you know that approximately 98% of Unicol’s packaging and products are recyclable?
Being a design and manufacture company for over 55 years, Unicol has continually improved their packaging methods to ensure that they are easy to recycle whilst remaining tough enough to provide the support parcels need.

In an effort to keep the company’s footprint low, Unicol has become well known for their paper bags...
Highly regarded for their ability to securely transport a range of products to customers, the aforementioned bags continue to stand the test of time. Made from 3 ply 800gsm natural kraft paper and sewn shut, they are almost impossible to break/tear in day-to-day transport but will naturally be recycled.

Most of you already know but Unicol products are manufactured from steel onsite at our Oxford facility.
That makes them all fully recyclable, with zero waste in the production cycle, from the original sheet format at the start of the manufacturing process the components are cut, folded, welded, powder coated with a minimalist carbon footprint. All offcuts are recycled to complete the circle. This is not just today; we have been doing it like this for 55 years!