Whilst everyone is building to the future, it’s important that we celebrate the work, innovation and creativity of those in the industry now. What better way to do this than with the globally recognised InAVation Awards evening? Our marketing team were blown away with the calibre of the whole evening. It was an expertly put together night that included live music, great company, gorgeous food and drink, and most importantly a laugh.

There were so many great projects, products and people that had been nominated and everyone should be proud that they made it so far. A big congratulations to everyone that did win in each of their categories, with a special well done to Clevertouch and their Pro Series Collaboration Displays.

For us, an alternate highlight was the sense of pan-cultural community that the whole event had. We had two sets of finalists on our table, one Dutch, one UK and everyone, including Turkish and Chinese, came together to support them. One team only had one member of staff on the table, and it was heart-warming to have the whole table cheer and ‘woo’ for them as their name came up in the nomination list. Although they may not have been awarded for their contributions, it made the evening all the more enjoyable knowing that it was about more than just winning, and was about the community coming together to celebrate the successes of AV throughout the year.