The Gyrolock solution is a complete mounting system for projectors up to 20kg when ceiling suspended and 12 kg when wall mounted. The Gyrolock projector mount was first designed approx. 17 years ago in response to projector manufacturers producing cheaper and lighter projectors many of which were targeted at the education sector. 

In 2005 the UK Government, under its Building Schools for the Future programme, published its strategy for technology in education to be delivered through its quango, BECTA (British Education Communications and Technology Agency), which began promoting the integration of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) into all schools, colleges and universities. The result was a significant rise in AV and IT equipment being procured and fitted into the education sector by approved installers. Of the AV equipment, Whiteboards and Projectors were the most popular and prevalent to be installed.

At the time UNICOL’s Gyrolock was (and still is) the ideal mounting platform for the projectors being procured as it had been designed to:

  1. Fit into a small box for easy shipping and storing.
  2. Compatible with the majority of projectors.
  3. Adjustable in length.
  4. Adjustable in all planes.
  5. Safely mount a projector in many different ways:
  • Ceiling suspended between 12 to 20kg
  • Close to ceiling suspended between 12 to 20kg
  • Wall mounted to up 12kg
  • Desk mounted to up 12kg

To enable compatibility with multiple projector types, adapter plates were designed for all of the projectors on UNICOL’s database within the weight ranges. These plates would then interlock with the Trilock docking system at the base of the Gyrolock, allowing different projectors to be fitted to any installed Gyrolock with the added bonus of removal for secure storage when not in use. A unique base plate was designed for the docking system so that the adapter plate, when fitted to the projector, could easily be guided into position from below then twisted and locked in place.

The Gyrolock was an instant success and further models followed including long arm, compact, camera screw, truss and column mountable versions. As Projector manufacturers consolidated similar mounting patterns for their projectors UNICOL brought out a Gyrolock with a universal mounting system that fitted most popular projectors.

Today the Gyrolock range continues its success and can be bought in all the variations mentioned above in a choice of Sinterflex black or white.