Did you know, that approximately 98% of our packaging can be recycled? With the world’s population continually growing, it’s important that we all do our bit to help reduce the amount of waste that we produce.

At Unicol, we endeavour to recycle as much of our scrappage and packaging as we can. Studies showed that across Europe, approximately 77.5% of all steel product/packaging was recycled and used in other projects, and in 2016, 71.4% of UK packaging waste was either recycled or recovered.

At Unicol, we work with local companies to ensure that our scrap and waste is taken care of appropriately and not just taken to a landfill;

  • All scrap steel and aluminium is taken back to Metal & Waste, where it is melted down and reproduced as new steel sheets.

  • All cardboard and Unicol paper bags from our packaging is taken back to Print Waste, a recycling centre, where it can be baled and manufactured into new packaging.

  • Shredded documentation and paperwork is given to a local stable whereby the horses can use it as bedding.

  • Glass and plastic are also taken to Print Waste. The plastics are separated, sorted and sent to reprocessing plants throughout the UK to ensure they are repurposed correctly.

It’s important that we ensure we do the best that we can, especially when we use approximately 750 tonnes of steel (sheet, laser cut and tubing) a year! We’d love to hear about how you recycle, or if you have any tips on how we can improve, leave a message below.

[Facts and figures come from: Steel Recycling and UK Statistics on Waste]