Looking for a way to enhance your video conference capabilities for your employees at the office? Discover UNICOL’s latest mount offering that enables large twin video conference screens to be freestanding.

Whilst the Government has given the go-ahead for life to return to some level of normality, many improved business practices will remain in place across the country, this includes the use of high-quality video conferencing solutions. For many, face-to-face meetings will always be the preferred option, but if there is anything the last 18 months has taught us, it is how convenient and accessible jumping on a video conference call can be. With this comes the question; what fixed, freestanding or mobile options are available or best suited for your workspace.

Superior design quality.

With its clean lines and superior finish, the Rhobus range fulfills the many aspects of the corporate user's needs. In more recent developments and alongside professionals within the industry, the Rhobus twin-screen range has been further extended with two versions; model RH200-HD for twin 71-86” screens up to 100kg and model RH200-UHD for twin 71-100” screens up to 200kg. The use of large-format screens not only enhances the overall video conference experience but is an aid to social distancing. Being freestanding these Rhobus units avoid the need for screens to be wall fixed which in some cases can involve costly or disruptive wall reinforcement. These latest Rhobus models are readily available, supplied as a convenient one-box solution and offer unrivalled strength, style, and adaptability for any corporate setting.

Installation Variants.

The RH200-HD and RH200-UHD twin-screen solutions offer installers and end-users the choice of four different installation versions: freestanding, mobile, PowaLift or fixed floor-to-wall. For temporary locations or rooms that do not offer load-bearing walls, the freestanding, mobile and PowaLift versions provide users with a standalone solution that can be moved from location to location as required. For more permanent installations the floor-to-wall version offers an ultra-compact footprint only requiring floor fixing and some nominal wall fixing.  

Device Compatibility & Accessories.

Each twin-screen Rhobus version comes supplied with UNICOL's universal screen mount arms and is checked according to the display specified. Video camera and soundbar mounts are also available. These feature a removable mounting plate to make swapping devices out easy and allow fitting above or below the screens. Shelving accessories in various sizes can be located to the front of the Rhobus central mast to provide space for laptops, keyboards and more.

Cable Management and Equipment Housing.

All Rhobus units incorporate space within the mast for cabling, codec devices and more, all within a lockable ventilated housing. A further equipment location can be provided in the form of PC housings located behind the screens leaving even more space inside the mast for additional equipment. A 4-way power socket is incorporated as standard within the mast to allow easy installation.

Whatever your video conference requirements or your customer’s AV needs, UNICOL can provide the answers.