With the ongoing rise in digital signage on our high streets, it is no surprise that digital menu boards have also taken a leap in popularity. With approximately 74% of customers1 reporting that an easily read menu is their main priority, it’s vital that businesses get it right, especially in fast food restaurants where menus are viewed from afar. Digital displays allow businesses to experiment with sizes, content and layout with very little cost and in minimal time. In this scenario, content is vital as nearly 7 out of 10 customers purchase products or services because the signage caught their eye1. But how do you go about sharing your dynamic menu content with the customer?

Our digital menu mounting solutions are available in 4 formats;

  1. Wall Mounted
  2. Ceiling Suspended
  3. Ceiling Suspended with Rear Covers
  4. Back to Back

Recently, Unicol, Sys-teams and Computacenter underwent the process of designing and installing digital menu boards in a Waitrose café. This project comprised of 3 55” NEC Screens that were ceiling suspended and finished with rear covers. By suspending the screens from the ceiling, it was possible to put the displays above the service point, giving the best possible viewing angle and maximising the ease for customer ‘readership.’

To ensure screens aligned perfectly across all planes, VWA1 video wall arms were fitted to enable Computacenter to accurately adjust and lock each screen into place. Once they were in place the whole screen rail back plate, with screens, was adjusted to the perfect viewing angle. This was achieved by tilting the screen rail without disrupting the alignment of the individual screens.

Following the successful installation of the screens, custom made rear covers were then attached. The addition of rear covers is ideal when customers and staff can see the rear of the screens, as it ensures that wires, screws and joints are kept safely out of reach and has the additional benefit of being aesthetically pleasing. To ensure functionality was maintained custom mounts were created to secure the rear covers to the rail.

With a vast range of standard products to choose from, UNICOL are in a unique position to fulfil your project needs. However, sometimes providing a mounting solution requires custom made items and as all Unicol products are designed and manufactured in their purpose built Oxford factory, bespoke units can be catered for. If you’d like to see more on our digital menu displays, click here: http://bit.ly/2o9YxJz

If you have a query, project or idea that you’d like to discuss, don’t hesitate to get in touch via 01865 767676 or [email protected]

1 : https://embedsignage.com/why-digital-signage-key-digital-signage-statistics-infographic-videographic/