The UNICOL PCL / PCP ‘clip on’ screen cover has been a standard product for many years and was initially designed for the pub and entertainment market when flat screens were introduced in the early 2000’s. Many screens were already installed either on walls or suspended from the ceiling and customers wanted an easily installed protective cover that would fend off glasses being thrown and liquid being spilt on the screen face. So a durable metal bezel was designed with a clear anti-shatter screen in 3 sizes to fit most displays in both landscape (PCL) and portrait (PCP) from 15” to 70”. The whole unit could be easily clipped over the top of the screen and secured underneath. The addition of anti-reflective, anti-shatter screen material made them useful in indoor daytime light conditions.

As with many designs the initial reason for production is altered in the product journey and requests for custom covers provided another aspect to the initial concept. One of these was to provide screen covers with enlarged bezels finished in the colours and logo of a supermarket chain and thus the option to have branded covers was added to the range.

Whilst the clip-on look was suitable for suspended screens, some customers wanted a more permanent looking cover for wall mounted displays. This would deter theft and prevent tampering behind the displays when mounted within easy reach of the public. The wall mounted version was then introduced, which was installed as a separate unit over the already mounted display. This fixed directly to the wall over the display and had enough air throughput above and below to prevent overheating. Both square and round cornered versions were offered with different colour finishes and branding options. A new market then opened up and many of these units have been installed into airports and retail outlets.

Both the ‘clip on’ and wall mounted versions of protective covers continue to be a popular standard and customised product within the UNICOL range of products.