There are many cabinets on the market that Audio Visual (AV) equipment can be stored in and these are made from a number of materials including wood, plastic and metal.  Some are just empty boxes with shelves and a door but most professional AV Media Cabinets have a rack-mounted system.  The Unicol AV Media Cabinet is made of metal and can be ordered as a single or twin cabinet with a standard 19” rack mount system built in; also included is the ability to add up to 1 x 55” TV Display above the single cabinet and 2 x 55” TV Display above the twin cabinet. The units a predominantly used for AV equipment and a standard single cabinet is 500mm wide, 700mm high and 500mm deep.

It is interesting to note that in our present computer age the standardised 19” rack mount system, used mainly today in the IT industry, dates back to around 1922 when AT&T designed a standardised format.  One of the reasons to standardise the format was to save space and by 1934 the ‘rack unit’ or ‘U’ had been established and in 1992 the official EIA standard ‘U’ was revised again to 44.5 mm (1.752 inches).  The 19-inch rack format has remained constant while the technology that is mounted within it has changed considerably and the set of fields to which racks are applied has greatly expanded. The 19-inch (482.6 mm) standard rack arrangement is widely used throughout the telecommunications, computing, audiovisual, entertainment and other industries.

The Unicol AV Media Cabinet range is supplied with rounded or square corners, heavy duty castors and lockable doors that have durable see-through polycarbonate panels.  There are shelf units available that can be used instead of the rack system and mast systems, made up of 2 x columns and infills that locate in the rear of each unit to provide a stable platform for mounting a TV Display Mount or cross member for mounting twin TV Displays.

Unicol AV Media Cabinets provide a versatile range of secure storage units for media electronics, used in many environments where mobility, AV equipment and TV Display are required.  The units have been installed into factories, TV stations, schools, colleges and airports to name a few and have a long life due to their robust construction. Because Unicol design and manufacture everything in the UK they are able to build custom units around customer requirements. Therefore, if the standard AV Media Cabinets need a design tweak to meet a specialists need then bespoke parts can be made after consultation with the customer.