It should be mentioned at the outset that all the equipment in this article refers to the Audio Visual professional market and not consumer TV Display stands.  There are a variety of professional TV Display Stands and some are free-standing, some fixed or bolt-down and others on wheels.  The deciding factor in choosing the right one for you starts with the size and weight of the screen or TV Display you are going to use with the stand.  Nowadays modern TV Displays are light in weight until you reach sizes of over 70” or those with touch capabilities so below these sizes, the weight will not have a bearing on the choice of stand.

Unicol has a range of TV Display Stands to suit all sizes of TV screen and the following suggestions may help you choose the right one:

  1. If your TV Display is in the range of 22 to 32inch then the original single column stand will adequately support this.  The original design dates back to the early 60’s and is still going strong today albeit with a few face changes on the way.  The basic unit is made up of a base, column and TV Display mount.  Other options include the base being static or having wheels and the column can be height adjustable.  This stand has stood the test of time and can be found in many schools and colleges throughout the UK.  A more modern stand is called the Tevella which also follows the same pattern with base, column and TV Display mount.

  2. For larger TV displays of 40 to 70inch there are many TV Display Stands to choose from as this is the most popular range for professional TV Displays also known as Large Format Displays (LFD).  The design of these TV Display Stands follows on from the smaller versions with either a static freestanding base, bolt down fixed base or trolley base onto which a mast section or pair of columns is fitted with TV Display mount fixed on top.  On some TV Display Stands multiple TV Displays can be fitted along with accessories such as shelves and video conferencing camera mounts.  There are also models that have actuators in the mast section, operated by wireless remote or manual switch, where screens can be commanded to rise or descend smoothly through 700mm, stopping safely at any point.

  3. When choosing TV Display Stands for the largest category of TV Displays, ranging from 75 to 110inch, there is only a small amount of models for you to decide upon.  These heavy duty models are generally made of heavier gauge materials and are larger in size.  Similar multi-screen and powered versions are available with accessories.