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    Did you know, that approximately 98% of our packaging can be recycled? With the world’s population continually growing, it’s important that we all do our bit to help reduce the amount of waste that we produce.

    At Unicol, we endeavour to recycle as much of our scrappage and packaging as we can. Studies showed that across Europe, approximately 77.5% of all steel product/packaging was recycled and used in other projects, and in 2016, 71.4% of UK packaging waste was either recycled or recovered.

    At Unicol, we work with local companies to ensure that our scrap and waste is taken care of appropriately and not just taken to a landfill;

    • All scrap steel and aluminium is taken back to Metal & Waste, where it is melted down and reproduced as new steel sheets.

    • All cardboard and Unicol paper bags from our packaging is taken back to Print Waste, a recycling centre, where it can be baled and manufactured into new packaging.

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    With the ongoing rise in digital signage on our high streets, it is no surprise that digital menu boards have also taken a leap in popularity. With approximately 74% of customers1 reporting that an easily read menu is their main priority, it’s vital that businesses get it right, especially in fast food restaurants where menus are viewed from afar. Digital displays allow businesses to experiment with sizes, content and layout with very little cost and in minimal time. In this scenario, content is vital as nearly 7 out of 10 customers purchase products or services because the signage caught their eye1. But how do you go about sharing your dynamic menu content with the customer?

    Our digital menu mounting solutions are available in 4 formats;

    1. Wall Mounted
    2. Ceiling Suspended
    3. Ceiling Suspended with Rear Covers
    4. Back to Back

    Recently, Unicol, Sys-teams and Computacenter underwent th

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